Logo Design

A logo for your business is probably one of the most important investments the business can make, it will shape everything to come, it should last you years, grow with you, become recognisable to both your existing customers and potential ones.

Branding development is more than just how a logo works across your marketing, it is a cohesive visual design philosophy that harmonises your brand across all types of media.

Design for Print

From a flyer to a product brochure, literature design has for many years been at the core of a companies marketing and is still one of the most effective ways for a business to showcase itself.

Designing packaging with a clear visual presence for the busy retail environment.

From on counter displays, posters, or bespoke free standing units. I have had many years experience of designing in the busy and demanding environments of a retail outlets.

Whether its a one off hand built stand or just a few pull-ups and posters, I have the contacts to help build and produce anything within your budget. With any exhibition its always a great idea to have a few pomotional gifts to give away on the day, I can help come up with some fun ideas and brand your items to work with your exhibition message.

I have had many years creating and branding for internal comms literature for banks and internationally known companies.

Whether it’s a fun quarterly newsletter for your customers or a serious piece of internal communication.

Design for Digital

As a designer I believe your website should look and work just as good as your printed work. That’s why I believe you should always employ a graphic designer to design your website. For the more complex bespoke sites I will always use highly skilled professional web builders and coders to build what I design.

With the development now of some fantastic WordPress templates, I can also personally create very stylish simple sites at the fraction of the cost of a bespoke site.

With the prolific use of smart phones and video interaction though social media, peoples attention spans and how they react has dramatically changed. Video is an important part of any businesses social media interaction.

This doesn’t have to be expensive, and can be achieved on a budget with some great results.

Interactive pdfs are a perfect way to send out either complex price lists or a company presentation. The interaction helps quickly navigate large pdfs almost like a mini website.

These are the new direct mailers. Emailers offer your business a simple and effective way to promote targeted offers often with analytics.

Branding your Facebook landing page, or styling your posts for Instagram is just as important as getting your flyers or leaflets designed. A controlled style and branding across your social media platforms will elevate your brand and give it an identity.

Retouching Illustration

Retouching images can be a great way to save the cost of having an old product rephotographed. See some examples of this on my projects page.

Infographics and icon creation are the core skill of any good graphic designer, they encompass what graphic design is all about, explaining often complex information visually and quickly.

As with all graphic designers we are frustrated artists, so I always love to draw, from creative illustration, to cartoons to technical diagrams.

Create that stand out bespoke image, almost anything you can dream of.

Let’s Work Together

Why not contact me today for a free non-obligatory consultation to see how we can bring a creative bang to your marketing requirement.