Attract the attention of your customers and create a conversation or reaction.

A kinetic typographic video, is just a simple video using type and images to create drama and visual movement to tell a story. Or if you want to go a bit further you can add still images and make them look like they are moving, add some simple video footage if you like, even add some music to create the right mood or impact. A video need not cost the earth, or require an expensive video company to produce it. It can be surprisingly cost effective to produce, offering massive benefits to your brand.

In a world of visual pollution, it is becoming more and more difficult to grab your customers attention. They don’t want to read loads of text anymore, even the video does not want to be more than 30 seconds before somebody turns off or losses interest. So a video offers the opportunity to get more than one message across in a short space of time.

Videos are by no means a replacement for useful text and imagery, but they are certainly a way to strengthen your brand and create visual engagement. They are also great for product information on your website, so rather than telling customers about a product or service it shows them with a video.

By adding videos you will improve your websites SEO and boost your social media, as it is far more likely to be shared. By going the extra mile and producing a stylish short video, you will stand out from your competition, get your message over quickly and make your business look better than the competition by engaging more directly with your customers.