Technics Packaging

Technics are a brand of trade quality tool bags, belts and satchels. The brief was to design new packaging for the Technics brand, developing a house style to be used across other forms of media. The existing packaging had been old fashioned, confusing and complex.

Instead of some of the complex cardboard cutting to go though handles on the large heavy tool bags, often looking untidy and easily damaged, the new design uses large double sided tags which tie to the handles, giving a quality feel and a much easier way for the consumer to read both sides.

To give the brand a little personality, grunge imagery was used for the hero shots on the front. This was created in Photoshop from the existing photography.

Packaging design for Technics tool bags by Dynamite Graphic Design
Packaging design for Technics tool bags
Packaging design for Technics tool bags

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