Sometimes it can be hard to find the inspiration for that next project, something different, something that answers the visual questions of a brief.

So here is a little insight.

Over the years I have collected all sorts of bits and pieces to go in my sketch and scrap books. Sometimes it’s one of my own photographs, a sketch I have done, an idea thats popped into my head, an interesting quote I saw, some great colour combinations, interesting typography, architecture, even a bit of graffiti.

I have been doing this since college, so it’s always great to go back and look at old stuff, how things have changed and how I’ve changed. We used to call these scrap/sketch/ideas books “Personal Development Books” at college.

There is no science to this, I just slap down what I like or what I think is interesting, even if it’s just a dead butterfly I found on the floor. I find it is a great way of emptying my head of all the clutter, so I can see something that might lead me somewhere when I am stuck for an idea or a way forward with a visual.

This isn’t an answer to a design, or some new marketing communication obviously!

It’s the source (hopefully) of a thought that can lead to a tangent, that will lead to a new set of ideas and a solution to a project I am working on. Or maybe it’s just something fun to do that relaxes the over exited brain and helps forge that new bit of inspiration or art project. Whatever it is I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that have interested me over the years.